Animated Video Production

What is Animated Video production and why this form of media is good for your business

As a consumers, we are surrounded by a multitude of different advertisements offering us various kinds of products imaginable. From toothbrushes to automobiles and everything in-between. Different forms of media are viewed as being more effective or easily understood by consumers and one of the more popular forms of advertising come in the shape of animated videos.

Products Advertising Billboards

Showcasing your product or services through a catchy animated video is a great way to get your message across and we are seeing mainstream businesses and media agencies embracing animated videos on a regular basis. This is mainly down to the relatively low cost of production and the ability to stand out from the mass amounts of other videos or advertisements all trying to capture our attention.

Low Cost Animated Video Production

So, what is animated video production and how does it benefit businesses?

3D Animation video production is similar to filmmaking but the images are created digitally as opposed to being captured on film stock. The process of production involves editing and cutting images out of the final product to ensure that the video is seamless and flows beautifully.

Animated Video Montaging Process

There are some seriously talented animators out there who are more than capable of creating an amazing explainer video or animated video designed to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and increase sales.

Benefits of using animated videos in your business

Some of the biggest and most successful companies on the planet use animated videos to promote their products or boost their overall share of the market. Below are a few advantages of using animated videos to advertise your business.

People love a story – Consumers love being told a story especially if they can relate in some way to that story. Using animated videos to explain who to do anything or inform your customers about the businesses journey is a great way to tell a story and develop an engaging animated video storyline.

People Shopping Around

Organic traffic and unique visitors to your website

By using animated videos as a marketing platform, you have the ability to reach millions of people who may be more inclined to watch a quick video that captures their imagination as opposed to reading an email or newsletter that attempts to deliver the same message. If you include animated videos in your marketing mix, you stand a good chance of seeing a boost in organic web traffic and a spike in unique visitors.

Ease of production management

A standard film production incorporates a wide variety of variables such as actors, film props, weather, location and other filming equipment. This is not the case with animated video because the production has nothing to do with actors. Switching characters, changing the message, editing or altering colors is just the click of a button away and can be done quickly and easily.

Brainstorming Animated Video Ideas

Abstract ideas can be conveyed easily

It’s tough delivering to an audience the basics of global logistics using standard film techniques. With an animated video, you can visually present complex and abstract ideas to an audience in terms that they will instantly understand.
Animated videos are here to stay and it may be worth your while to give an animated video some thought next time you need to do a bit of marketing for your business.

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